At its core, Fit to Fly is the worlds first apparel brand bringing forth health, well-being, and confidence to the aviation industry. Each product accounts for fit, feel, and design before all else, ready to give you that captivating look so forgone in the industry. Through our premium apparel we are on a mission to bring together those that have belief in themselves, who don't need reassurance of others, and know their worth. We are all Fit to Fly.


Being born with a heart defect causes Zach to struggle to receive his first class medical. His work ethic and determination to inspire others to remain ‘fit to fly’ goes above and beyond. Zach also has the underlying goal to surpass Robert in the gym.. and consume the most amount of oats known to mankind. #OatNation.


Gym rat and engineering student, Robert is the bro-half of the co-founders. His efforts lie in support and design, lending Fit to Fly’s designs a sprinkle of 'iron' and 'testosterone.' Robert hopes to influence others to develop a strong sense of self awareness and a strong pair of arms. But definitely not calves.


With a background in both business and aviation, Samantha brings a unique perspective to the Fit to Fly team. She enjoys the competitive side of fitness through Auburn's Club Powerlifting, and wants to make every girl the strongest version of themselves. Favorite muscle group to train? #BoulderShoulders.