Fit to Fly Podcast

Welcome to the official podcast of Fit to Fly Apparel. In this audio experience you will find a mix of interviews with individuals we connect with, segments from our YouTube vlogs, and any new and current thoughts we want to share!



Live Q&A! (Answering Questions from Instagram)


You Will Never Know Unless You Try


The University of North Dakota Flight Program (Reviewed)


How to Be More Productive By Doing LESS!


The Biggest Lesson Learned From Auburn's Business School


5 Tips To Stay Fit Freshman Year of College

 How Aviation and Business Go Together (With Tom Stanley)


 When Should You START Flight Training?


 Boeing 737 MAX: Past, Present, and Future


 I Left The MLB to Fly Jets


Eating and Working Out as a College Student


Bush Flying: Better Than Flight Instructing?


SIU vs. PURDUE (Flight Schools Compared)


 Part 61: Quickest Option for Flight Training


AUBURN vs. Embry Riddle (Flight Schools Compared)


 My Instructor Made me Quite Flying


Can Pilots Fly with Medical Conditions?


 You Don't Need to go to College to Be a Pilot


How to Lose Fat (EASY CHECKLIST)


Auburn University; Scheduling, Flight Blocks, and Class Registration


Dave Austin, Heart Murmurs, Caravan Flying, and the Airlines


Victoria Avery, Record Holding Powerlifter


Will Locante, Professional Baseball to Professional Pilot


Les Rivera, Problems with the Boeing 737


Nathan Hodges, Life as a Sim Instructor at an Airline