SharpeAero Flight Instruction Handbook - Handout Booklet

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This Handout Booklet contains all handouts included in our main publication Flight Instruction Handbook, offering students clarity on the more difficult procedures and concepts encountered during flight training. SharpeAero approaches its handouts with a unique design perspective, foregoing aviation’s tradition of lengthy, theory-saturated texts and complex diagrams, and instead focuses on minimalism and streamlined information delivery. 

NOTE: Based off of Canadian Aviation Regulations and training requirements, though much of the content will remain valuable worldwide.


  • Full-colour handouts and summarizations of complex and problem-area exercises

    • Required documentation details

    • Passenger briefing

    • Radio procedures (controlled, uncontrolled, MF)

    • Slipping errors

    • Take-off procedures

    • Circuit procedures

    • VFR weather minima

    • Precautionary landing procedures

    • Forced approach procedures

    • Pilot navigation & flight planning summary

    • VOR readings based on position

    • Instrument diagrams

  • Point-form writing-style works well for quick review of concepts 


Have access to and review the handouts and summarizations your instructor will be covering for each lesson from Flight Instruction Handbook, helping get you in the air sooner, ultimately costing you less time and money on the ground.


Ensure your students have the materials needed for success. This booklet will allow your students to have all diagrams and summarizations included in Flight Instruction Handbook for review outside of ground sessions.


Pair Flight Instruction Handbook with this Handout Booklet so that the content used by your students matches the curriculum and materials used by your flight instructors.