SharpeAero VFR Flight Log

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Our VFR Flight Log was designed for pilots, by pilots. At SharpeAero, we deeply value a design process that starts with understanding who you’re designing for. We’re confident our VFR Navigation Log will be the best VFR cross country planning and in-flight template you can find. 


  • When folded and secured in a kneeboard, you’ll notice the airport section on the backside is upside-down. But, flip the template up to see the backside, and it’s the right side up. It’s all in the details, people!

  • Pre-flight planning section for: routing, navigation, altitudes & elevations, performance calculations, fuel calculations & analysis, weight & balance, and flight plan & flight school ETAs

  • Tables to track in-flight leg progress including: set heading point magnetic & compass headings, en-route magnetic & compass headings, calculated performance information (altitude, power setting, indicated airspeed), and fields to update ETEs and ETAs at checkpoints (time over, time from set heading point, distance from set heading point, ground speed, distance remaining, estimated time en-route, estimated time of arrival, revised heading)

    • NOTE: grey boxes can be pre-filled prior to flight from pre-flight planning

  • Frequency chart for departure, en-route and destination aerodromes

  • Airport section for relevant information during departure and arrival (airport name/identifier, airport diagram, elevation, circuit altitude, expected runway and length, expected winds and crosswind component, takeoff and landing distances, and a section for additional notes [procedures, NOTAMs, etc.])

  • The template is designed to fit perfectly in a kneeboard.